Variable bay fixings

Cut the aluminium frame adapter 150mm shorter than the frame height and fix it to the frame 30mm from the top corner weld (or 120mm from the bottom) this ensures clearance of the bay jack.

Screwfix the frame adapter to the frame first, fix at 250mm centres apart with a max 150mm from end, min 3 per length, screw through the position shown.

Fix the frame adapter with screws (as shown in blue) to the outside so that they will not get in the way with the ball and socket (do not overtighten or distort).

Fit the inner trim first and this will hold the assembly centralised – while you fix through from the outside. Fit outer trim after fixing through assembly and locking together as drawn.

Important – The assembly needs to be locked and secured together, shown here in yellow. These fixings need to be max. 250 ctrs, alternate sides and min 3 per side. Min Dia. 4.8mm fixing screw. There are vee grooves in the bay legs that assist this fixing.