120-160 Degree Variable

  • VS02
  • VS02
  • Designed to accommodate sash window frames with a depth of 130 -148mm. The angle range is from 120°-160°.

    These products are loadbearing and a Baypole Jack is available. Decorative trims are fitted last making Baypole Jack adjustment easy. note – frame adapters were not included in the calculation so the I values quoted remain constant at different angles. Use VSBAYPOLE02 for Spectus.

    For frame deductions see additional tab

    Technical information

    Ixx (cm4) 71.83 Iyy (cm4) 21.67
  • Part #ColourPack size (m)
    VSBAYPOLE01Aluminium2 x 6
    DBISpecify White4 x 6
    DBISpecify Foil2 x 6
    VSOSpecify White2 x 6
    VSOSpecify Foil2 x 6
    Frame adapterSee related item4 x 6
  • Frame deductions

    Frame deductions are per side and in mm.

    Angle Frame deduction (mm)
    90° 0
    120° 5.2
    125° 6.4
    130° 7.6
    135° 9
    140° 10.1
    145° 11.4
    150° 12.6

    Note – These deductions are measured to the inside of the cill upstand. You will need to allow a small distance depending on the upstand width of your supplierscill. Because of the many variations, we have chosen to present our deductions in this manner. If you need assistance please call.