Residence 9

Residence 9

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Residence 9 – is a new window system, available for sale from Eclectic Systems LLP. The design replicates the features of a 19th Century flush sash timber window.

It can be welded or mechanically jointed and can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. It can also accommodate modern hardware, keeps will be available to suit the Trojan range of shootbolts and espags.

Available on a through colour base PVC material, the product is only available in heritage foil colours (timber windows were always painted and never stained). The “easy clean” rebates are also foiled meaning that you can sell a high end colour solution that looks great whether the window is open or closed. A comprehensive range of ancillaries are available including couplers, bays, packers, fixing lugs and corner protectors.

The window has been designed from scratch and has therefore been designed to accommodate the additional size and weight of 44mm triple glazing. The product is 100mm wide, with 9 chambers, CEN A (thickest) wall thicknesses with additional screw retention ports designed for the additional forces on hardware etc. When triple glazed with 44mm Argon filled unit, the window has a U value of 0.8W/M2K as standard without any gimmicks, restrictions or add-ons. This can be further improved if Passivhaus values as standard are not enough!

This superior product is designed to replicate 19th Century timber windows and at the design stage the requirements of Article 4 Conservation areas were considered. The window is not only a superior retail product for anyone wanting a high performance, great looking window but there will be a huge potential market in conservation areas.

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