Fixing Lugs

Fixing Lugs
  • Comprehensive range of fixing lugs compatible with most systems. Manufactured from Galvanised Steel. 1.2mm Thick, No frame deduction required. Twist fit’ for speed of installation with screw fix detail. (200mm) One size works with 50mm, 75mm and 100mm cavities.

  • Part #lengthSystemPack size
    FFL001200mmSpectus 70mm500
    Selecta 70mm500
    FFL002200mmDeceuninck 70mm500
    Duraflex 70mm500
    Elite 70mm500
    Eurocell 70mm500
    Status 70mm500
    Synseal 70mm500
    Veka 70mm500
    Spectus Vertical Slider500
    FFL003200mmUniversal Screw Fix500
    FFL004200mmRehau 60 & 70mm500
    Synseal Silhouette500
    Plasmo Vertical Slider500
    FFL005200mmComar Aluminium500
    FFL006200mmProfile 22 70mm500
    Legend 70mm500
    FFL007200mmRehau Vertical Slider500
    FFL008200mmWHS Halo500
    Ideal 70/Swish Traditional500
    FFL009200mmSpectus Elite 63 (1.5mm)500
    FFL030200mmSmart Visoline & Superglide500
    FFL022Blyweert Beaufort500
    SFL902150mmDuraflex 65mm (150mm)500
    FFL019150mmDeceuninck 70mm500
    FFL527265mmDeceuninck 70mm250
    Duraflex 70mm250
    Elite 70mm250
    Eurocell 70mm250
    Status 70mm250
    Synseal 70mm250
    Veka 70mm250
    Spectus Vertical Slider250
    FFL503265mmUniversal Screw Fix250
    FFL504265mmUniversal Flat250