Aluminium Frame Couplers

Aluminium Frame Couplers

Aluminium Frames

Loadbearing, thermally broken couplers for aluminium frames

Our system of In-Line Coupler and Cornerpost for 70 – 76mm Frames and Variable Baypole for 70mm aluminium frames are loadbearing. Easy to clip trims are fitted last – thus making Baypole Jack adjustment accessible and easy. In-Line, 130 – 160mm° Variable and 90°.

  • Thermal barrier

    Clever solution to thermal bridging via PVC sections which the aluminium frame rests on – avoiding metal to metal contact. For 180° In-Line and 90° Cornerposts, the thermal barrier has 2 clip positions – simply move it to the position to match your frame size (70-76mm). This modularity means less stockholding if you use different frame sizes.

  • Loadbearing

    By avoiding the usual method of thermal breaks, we maintain the structural integrity of the poles. By forming a location for a Baypole Jack, the system becomes loadbearing* and meets FENSA guidelines. Calculations are available for you to pass to architects or building control.

    * Call for loadbearings

  • Clip fit trims

    By utilising the PVC trims within the design, we are able to ensure an easy clip fit function. They are really installer friendly. If using Baypole Jacks, they can be adjusted and then trims clipped on after. The trims can also be retrofitted if damaged or to gain future access.

  • Installer familiarity

    The Window Widgets Posts are widely used in the Industry. Installers are familiar with the product and method of installation. Window Widgets Bay concepts are tried and tested in the field without problems.

  • Easy to buy from

    Window Widgets stocks product for quick service. We sell in manageable pack sizes and larger orders are sent on our own transport in stillages. Aluminium trims are sold in mill finish so you can powdercoat to any RAL colour to match you frames.

  • Decorative appearance

    The aluminium trims feature decorative flutes which are popular in the PVC domestic market. These features give commercial looking aluminium frames an arguably more appealing appearance when used in conservatories or coupled screens.