90 Degree Cornerpost

  • WWL126nondec
  • WWL126x
  • WWL126dec
  • WWL126decx
  • This 90° Cornerpost is designed especially for 70mm frames. Frames butt to the inside. This product is available with a decorative and non-decorative PVCu trim to the outside. Bay Jack ā€˜Dā€™ is designed to work with this product. This product is loadbearing. Zero frame deduction.

    Technical information

    Bay jack JACKD90
    Ixx (cm4) 16.2 Iyy (cm4) 8.7
  • Part #ColourPack size (m)
    WWL126Aluminium4 x 6
    90DSpecify White4 x 6
    90DSpecify Foil2 x 6
    90NDSpecify White4 x 6
    90NDSpecify Foil2 x 6