24mm Coupler

  • 482136
  • 482136
  • This product works with all 70mm frames. It is designed as a loadbearing frame coupler and we have a Baypole Jack available. It has a 24mm frame deduction. Frames can be fixed from the outside (through the coupler and into the back of the frame) without the need to access the frame rebate. Thus you can fit pre-glazed frames with this product.

    Technical information

    BBA Accreditated
    Bay jack JACKB482136
    Ixx (cm4) 16.37 Iyy (cm4) 3.09
  • Part #ColourPack size (m)
    482136Aluminium4 x 6
    DBISpecify White4 x 6
    DBISpecify Foil2 x 6