7.5mm Coupler

  • 482030
  • 482030
  • At 7.5mm wide, this product is designed to act as a slimline ‘bounce bar’. Ideal for a door and sidelight combination or when coupling frames. It is strong in the one direction but weak in the other, thus it is efficiently designed to be strong where required yet slim in appearance. It is not suitable for supporting load from above.

    Technical information

    BBA Accreditated
    Bay jack N/A
    Ixx (cm4) 11.9 Iyy (cm4) 0.1
  • Part #ColourPack size (m)
    482030Aluminium10 x 4.45
    TTRIMSpecify White20 x 4.45
    TTRIMSpecify Foil20 x 4.45