Frame protectors - "Compare the Meerkat"

Posted on by Dan Gill General

Window Widgets is well known for supply of frame corner protectors.

Mindful of price pressures that fabricators are under and of rising raw material costs, we are pleased to announce the arrive of new high speed tooling. The new design will run on our new Low Energy 200Tonne moulding machine. The tooling was trialled mid-June and the pictures show the first shots coming from the new tool.

Made from recycled material and on Low Energy machines the product has green credentials. If you use corner protectors and would like to “Compare the Meerkat” for prices and availability then there is no better time to call Window Widgets on 01452 300912 and ask for prices on 7025CP. Note – Best price breaks are available for full pallets of 15,000 pcs.

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