Werbar - Window energy reinforcement bar - Update

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Following clarification on several matters from BFRC, Window Widgets now have a number of fabricators who have achieved an A-Rating with official BFRC simulations.

Window Widgets is pleased to report that Werbar sales have gone from strength to strength and a new record was set in April. The affect of the negative press from some in the Industry has only served to benefit us because fabricators call and are reassured by our comprehensive and well thought through technical arguments. We now have our own BBA Air and Water test reports which serves to reassure fabricators as it is an independent test with no commercial angle.

Numerous customers have tried just a few hundred metres and are now ordering half and full stillages. Some customers are taking pallets of pre-cut Werbar lengths for use in door frames and cills.

Werbar is in stock and available and can assist in improving your energy ratings. When used responsibly, it can offer numerous commercial, environmental and technical advantages over conventional reinforcement materials.

Consider using Werbar for other non WER applications e.g. a weldable reinforcement for cills? Stronger welds? Door Midrails?

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