Window Widgets launches pink packers

Posted on by Dan Gill General

Window Widgets is now manufacturing its own range of cost effective glazing packers. Delivered in buckets of mixed sizes 1-6mm thick, these packers are manufactured on our new energy efficient machines and so are cost-effective. If you want to save money then give us a call.

The design is new in that the packers are all manufactured in the same colour, but have the number stamped out representing their thickness. WW believes that the cost savings of this manufacture process together with its simple numbering system will win over the traditional colour coding system where you need to run 6 tools simultaneously in order to get the 6 different colours. Numbers were invented for a reason! What could be easier? By the way, what colour was a 2mm packer? No one we asked seemed to know.

The product is delivered in buckets with tamper proof lids. They stack, they are sturdy and installers recycle the bucket for all sorts of jobs on site. The packaging has advantages through the supply chain from the trade counter (they stack for point of sale displays), the fabricator (they are easy to pick and stack well). The major advantage is for the installer who gets a really useful bucket! Available through Window Widgets Now and online at – call for a free sample and competitive pricing.

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