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  • How do I know which white and which foils match my window profile?

    In terms of white, we have compiled a chart of colour against window systems that reflects customer choice (see choosing colours). If in any doubt (the choice of white can be subjective) just call and we will send you a sample pack of the whites that we offer for you to choose your preference. Renolit supply the vast majority of foils into the UK market. We have published a list of the Renolit foil references that we use in this booklet. Always quote the full colour specification when ordering.

  • What materials do you use?

    We use the same BS4713 window grades of PVCu that are used by the major systems supplier i.e. we generally get the materials from the same places. We get the same guarantees that they get and we have written specifications from these suppliers. With aluminium, we use mill finish aluminium alloy 6063 T6 unless specified. This grade has superior strength to T5 grades.

  • What lengths are the products supplied in?

    Generally 6m unless specified. See table reference pack sizes. Please note we do not split packs.

  • What is your minimum order?

    1 pack. We do not split packs. See table reference pack sizes.

  • Can you supply frame deductions?

    Yes. They are listed on this website in the Technical Section. For more information visit our frame deductions section or alternative get in touch with us directly and our sales support team will be able to help you with your needs.

  • Do you manufacture your own products?

    We have in-house moulding facilities. We have various machine sizes catering for production of smaller products (run-up blocks etc) up to fascia and soffit jointing mouldings.

  • Can you quote for moulding my product?

    Yes. We mould all sorts of 3rd party products like cill end caps and screw cap covers. We are competitive in terms of price and familiar with applications for the window industry. We can also mould in PVCu if required.

  • What is the minimum order for your moulded products?

    1000. Generally we stock our products in boxes of 1000 pieces. For corner protectors the minimum order is also 1000.

  • Do you have in-house toolmaking facilities?

    No. This means that we are able to go out to quotation at our preferred suppliers and get very competitive prices. If you find a toolmaker that is quiet, you can get a better price! This is often better than having fixed internal overheads. You can also find specialist expertise as required e.g. laser welding.

  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    For our standard products the minimum order is for 1 reel or box. This is usually 1000 labels. For bespoke labels to your design, it is generally not cost effective to order volumes less than 5000.

  • Can you produce labels to my design?

    Yes. Just sketch out what you have in mind with rough sizes and we will be glad to provide a quotation. For bespoke labels to your design, it is generally not cost effective to order volumes less than 5000. We offer free artwork, cutters and printing blocks as an incentive to winning new label business! Generally a new design can be with you in around 7-10 days.

  • The Jack I require is not listed. Can you supply specials?

    Just send in a short offcut of the reinforcement and we can generally either find a stock solution or manufacture specials. If you want to quote sizes, then we require accurate inner and outer dimensions of the reinforcement.

  • What loads will your Baypole Jacks take?

    We random test jacks to 4 Tonnes Compression and guarantee to 2 Tonnes (giving a factor of safety of at least 2). They actually do not generally fail until around double this loading but testing above this load is irrelevant. Beware of products that claim more than this because when you test in conjunction with the reinforcement, the reinforcement distorts and spreads over the capstan. It is the interface between the jack and the reinforcement that is weakest.

  • How many jacks do I require?

    We sell the jacks in kits comprising all of the components that you require for 1 pole. So if you have 4 poles, you should order 4 Baypole Jack (kits). Each kit is individually bagged and comprises of a base, capstan and a top spreaderplate. You can order in multiples of 1 although batches of 10 or 24 sensibly fit into our boxes for larger orders.

  • What do I do if the Baypole Jack will not sit level?

    We sell spreaderplates and shims in various shapes, sizes, materials and thicknesses. Use these to pack of the brick to provide a good, sound, level base then mount the jack onto it. We would always recommend that your installers carry a few spreaderplates with them for these situations.

  • Do you have a fitters guide?

    Yes. We have a fitters guide with photographs. Alternatively, contact us to request a copy.

  • I urgently need to order some of your products but I do not have an account. Can you help?

    Fax a letterhead with your requirements over to us. We will fax back a pro forma invoice and as soon as we receive payment either by cheque or credit card, your goods will be dispatched. If you wish to open an account please ring the office for an application form.

  • What are your lead-times?

    We try our best to offer a next day service when you require it. We would however generally require a 3-4 day lead-time where possible. Simply tell us on the order when you need it and we will do our best to accommodate you.