CE Marking


We are the first company to have Baypole Jacks, Poles, Couplers and Brackets CE Marked for structural use.

You can download our Certificate of Conformity and our Declaration of Performance for each product group here.

From 1st July 2014, it became mandatory to CE Mark all structural steelwork and structural aluminium under the European Standard EN 1090.

As a responsible and proactive company, we understood the significant impact that this new legislation would have on the structural requirements of the window industry, and outlined in our brochure how Window Widgets were fully committed to meeting the European standards required.

The EN 1090 standard is a mandatory requirement for all Execution Class 2 (EXC2) structures – i.e. all steel structures and/or aluminium structures must carry a CE Mark to ensure the conformity of structural components within buildings.

Window Widgets have obtained the Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control for the design and manufacture of structural work in steel and aluminium. This means that all Window Widgets Baypole Jacks, Structural Brackets, Poles and Coupling Sections are legally compliant with the current legislation.

Our Factory Process Control audit was conducted by BSI as one of the limited number of accrediting bodies for EN 1090. If you require further information on any of the European Standards, please visit www.bsigroup.com, or see page 106 in our latest edition of the Window Widgets catalogue for other contact details. You are also welcome to contact the Window Widgets office on 01452 300912 if you have any questions.

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