Research & Development

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  • R+D

Window Widgets has extensive research and development facilities.

CAD Software

Hewlett Packard Me10 software is used to sketch design concepts and to detail tooling drawings. We can communicate with you in .DXF format or indeed most formats.

Solidworks software is then used to create 3 dimensional parts and assemblies. It can be used to test form and function as well as aesthetics and weights. The photoworks add on allows us to product the finished renders you see on this website.

3D Printing – Rapid Prototyping

We have in house 3D printing facilities. The Dimension BST768 machine basically prints thousands of fine layers in ABS to construct working 3D models. We can use this to test clip fit and to demonstrate working solutions before expensive tooling is made. STL files are the format to send if you would like us to print for you. We offer this facility to our customers for a small charge.

Research & Development Workshop

We have our very own workshop which enable us to make and test our designs. Equiped with end millers, a vacuum former, saws, drills and handtools, the facility is invaluable. We can immediately go and check design concepts and make sales samples.

We have a tool room, a CNC lathe, emegi saw, injection moulding, extrusion and lamination machines all on site. We also have recycling facilities in house.

Finally, we also have a hydraulic testing facility which we have used to test loadbearing designs to failure.

Window Widgets has sector leading Research & Development facilities.