It makes both commercial and ethical sense to recycle and use less energy. We take great pride in applying a common sense approach to this topic.

We recycle the following…
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminium
  • Polypropylene
  • ABS
  • PVC
  • Ink Cartridges

When you break down each category there are subsections of recycling. For instance, in the case or card, we reuse boxes where we can. Where we cannot, we pass it through a machine which turns it into a product suitable for us to reuse as layers between PVC and stillages. Where this isn’t possible, it gets crushed into bundles and sold for recycling.

Most of our injection moulding machines are “low energy” and they store energy via inverters. The result is up to 80% less unergy useage compared to older machines. All of our larger machines are “low energy”.

Our Greiner extrusion line is their “green line” model which again saves 20% energy over conventional machines.

Where we can make products from recycled materials we do. Our Werbar product is actually made from “old windows” and our frame corner protectors from recycled Polypropylene. We rechip and reuse our mould sprues in house.

We are continually investigating ways to reduce our environmental impact. Our work will never be finished!