• In House Delivery
  • 18 Tonne with Sleepercab
  • Mitsubishi Canter with 6m Extension
  • Stillages

Window Widgets is pleased to announce delivery of a brand new Leyland DAF lorry!

This 18 Tonne monster will join our fleet of Mitsubishi Canters, and is branded in the distinctive Window Widgets black and pink livery. We now have the capacity to carry ‘a staggering’ 15 Window Widgets pink stillages and 2 pallets. This increase in volume will allow us to make more deliveries in stillages, and we can now also collect your ‘empties’. Customers are asked to return these empty stillages on the lorry once empty, making it easier than ever for you to return them to us.

This asset to our company means we will be able to keep delivering excellent customer service, offset recent rising fuel costs and keep sticking to short lead times on deliveries to you. We also hope to reduce any damage of your goods and improve deliveries, giving you a great service.

Missing stillages will be charged at £150 each.
We now have over 500 stillages!